Chermside West

Renovating and Bringing Light to a 1970s House

In this project we didn’t just renovate the bathroom, we managed a whole interior redesign of the 1970s house in Chermside West. The key requirement from the client was wanting more natural light and storage space in their cabinetry.

Our Design Solution

To create more light in the house, we installed a skylight over the kitchen sink to make the centre of the room brighter. The skylight also adds life to the room by allowing daylight into the kitchen.

We added a long benchtop in the kitchen instead of using a dining table to create more space. The additional benchtop surface makes the room look bigger than its actual size. We also installed a butler’s pantry to keep appliances and mess hidden from plain sight.

We installed Reece Plumbing tapware. The benchtop is Georgian Bluffs from Caesarstone’s Supernatural Range. We also used a solid piece of stone as a splashback for ease of cleaning.

Bringing More Light to Older Homes

The Chermside West home was typical of many houses built in the 1970s and 1980s, which often have dark interiors due to low ceilings, dark colours, timber and limited windows.

One of the the best ways to improve the atmosphere of an older house is to add more light.

Below are some tips that can help you lighten up your 1970s or 1980s home and bathroom:

  1. Add or Expand Windows

While most old homes have large picture windows in the living room, kitchens and other areas tend to have smaller windows. You can add more windows or make existing ones bigger to improve the light quality inside the home.

2. Add Skylights

Just like what we did with the Chermside West property, add a skylight to your home to add more light to a room. You can ask a designer to come up with a suitable skylight for the room.

3. Replace Exterior Doors

Another way to allow more light to come inside your old home is to replace exterior doors with ones that come with a glass panel. You can use a French-style door as the main door to bring more light, or one with a small window.

4. Repaint Walls

You should repaint dark walls with a light colour to improve light, as well as the ambience of the room. Painting the walls that are opposite the windows a lighter colour will help reflect light inside the home.

5. Replace the Ceilings

Some older homes have popcorn ceilings that create shadows and accumulate dust. Replacing popcorn ceilings will greatly improve the interior of your home. Another concern is the presence of asbestos in old ceilings and walls. You should engage a professional such as Vos Design to inspect the ceilings to determine the presence of the harmful material and arrange for its safe removal.

6. Replace Dark Flooring

Another way to lighten old homes is to replace the dark flooring with a lighter version. Remove dated vinyl flooring and replace it with lighter coloured tiles.

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